Bumbleberry Quilting Studio


A professional longarm quilting service

Are you a keen quilt piecer? Do you hate having to wrestle with metres of backing fabric and wadding, trying to prepare your quilt tops for quilting? Getting all those layers under your domestic sewing machine? Frustrated that it takes so long to hand quilt?

Enjoy your quilt tops now! Make those king-sized bed quilts you have always wanted!
Let ME finish what YOU started!
You can have that perfect quilt, ready to use or give, in no time, leaving you free to create more beautiful quilt tops knowing that they will become works of art and not UFOs!

Choose a quilting pattern!

With over a thousand patterns to choose from, you will be able to turn your project into a spectacular work of art!
Let your imagination loose on designs ranging from simple meander to complex scenes.
Edge to Edge designs are quickest with an all-over pattern.
Light custom would take a bit longer with separate border designs and edge to edge on body of quilt.
Custom would involve individual designs on borders, sashings and blocks.

Get in touch to make your creations complete.


Contact: Alessandra Rocco

Phone: 01634668580

Mobile: 07720772089

Email: aar@bumbleberryquilts.co.uk


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